How to view PowerPoint on Zune

convert PowerPoint presentation to video for watching on Zune

About Zune

Zune is a brand of portable media players sold by Microsoft. The devices come in two styles, all of which play music, videos, podcasts, display images, and receive (but not record) FM radio. They can share files wirelessly with other Zunes and Windows PCs via USB. Any Zune can also be linked with a PC allowing it to wirelessly sync with the linked Windows PC.

How to convert PowerPoint to Zune video

With Moyea PPT to Video Converter, you can easily access your PowerPoint slideshow on a Zune. Just follow these steps:
Step 1 Start the program and add PPT files
Start Moyea PPT to Video Converter after you have it installed on your computer. Click Add on the main panel of the program to import a PowerPoint file you want to convert.
Step 2 Set the style to Zune Movie and specify an output path
In the Style field, select the preset output format Zune Movie. You should see the profile field changes accordingly to High Quality (*.wmv). In the Output field, specify a proper path to the output movie.
Step 3 Make advanced settings for profile parameters
Click Settings next to the Profile field to manually set the profile parameters. This includes two parts respectively as audio and video items. Select the appropriate value from the preset parameters as you need or follow the default settings. Once set, click OK to save your current settings.
convert PowerPoint presentation to Zune video
Step 4 Customize the output effects
In the main panel, click the Customize button to customize the output video. There are five panes - Timing, Music, Audio, Slide and Conversion for custom. Set each pane as necessary.
Step 5 Convert your PPT files to Zune movie
After you have set up all the conversion parameters, hit the Start icon to start converting. The conversion process is displayed clear in the task list. The result should be a movie file with .wmv extension. Click the file link to view it in the preset folder. Transfer the converted movie to your Zune and enjoy full fun of your chic slideshow. View PowerPoint on Zune, like the sample below:

view PowerPoint on Zune
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