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Supported OS:NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7

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Moyea PPT to PDF Converter

-- Convert Microsoft Office Documents (PowerPoint, Word or Excel) to PDF for free, free PDF creator

Moyea PPT to PDF Converter (Word, Excel, PowerPoint to PDF) is a free, smart and integrated PDF creation program that converts most printable Windows applications including Word, Excel & PowerPoint to PDF file in one mouse click.

The totally free PDF creator goes beyond what its name suggests as PPT to PDF. It can enable users to quickly save their PPT data onto protective PDF files. Also, it works well in creating a standard PDF file from Word, Excel documents.

With an intuitive interface and powerful settings, the free PPT to PDF converter offers an easy access for both novice users and professionals to produce PDF files from Windows documents, and thus makes it flexible to save, print and email their contents.

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  • Input Variety
    Capable to convert 3 printable Windows Office documents - DOC, XLS & PPT to accessible PDF files.
  • High Compatibility
    Convert PowerPoint to PDF files that supported by Adobe Acrobat 3.0/4.0/5.0.
  • Flexible Settings
    Supply a series of custom settings for the PPT-to-PDF conversion, including output resolution, page compression, color modes, font embedding and several misc functions.
  • Easy to Navigate
    The PPT to PDF converter is designed with a simple yet practical interface to guides users best in creating a professional PDF file.
  • Excellent Output
    Reproduce the original look of Office documents in PDF. Retain razor-sharp images from your PowerPoint presentation into the output PDF file.
  • Smaller PDF Size
    Support page compression of the converted PDF file for a much smaller size. Save the space on your disc and make it more accessible via Web.
  • PDF Security
    Convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to PDF files that are password protected. Offer a shortcut for you to control over the converted PDF files, e.g. should it be viewed, printed, modified, copied, and annotated or not.
  • Auto-open after Conversion
    Allow the PDF file out of PowerPoint, Word and Excel document to open automatically once processed. Save your time and effort to find it at the specified folder on a hard drive.

Q: What can I do if the converted PDF can't be opened in Adobe Reader?
A: Make sure you have set to embed 100% of used characters in the Fonts tab. Or click the Load Default button at the bottom left to solve the problem. Then convert the document again.

Q: I keep getting the error message "unable to launch Microsoft PowerPoint". I have restarted my computer and I am still getting the same message?
A: This error may be caused by that Microsoft PowerPoint is not completely installed on your computer. To rectify this problem, you can check and reinstall MS PowerPoint.

Q: How can I improve the image quality when converting to PDF?

A: By default Compress is selected. This means that when you are converting an Office document to PDF, the text and graphics in the output will be compressed for a smaller size.
However, if you want to get better image quality in the PDF file, you can go to Settings -> Customize Settings, then uncheck the Compress Pages option and select a higher DPI setting from the Resolution drop-down in General.

Q: How do I uninstall the PPT to PDF Converter?
A: To uninstall the converter, please follow these two steps:
I. Activate the Control Panel, and double click Add/Remove Programs.
II. Find out Moyea PPT to PDF Converter list box entry and remove it.

Moyea PPT to PDF Converter is a professional program that enables you to quickly create a PDF file out of three popular MS Office applications – Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This tutorial describes how to convert to PDF from these printable Windows applications using the PowerPoint to PDF converter.

How to
Generate PDF files from PowerPoint presentations (PPT to PDF)
Create PDF files from MS Office Word documents (Word to PDF)
Get PDF materials out of MS Office Excel files (Excel to PDF)

Moyea PPT to PDF Converter offers a quick access to your PowerPoint presentations locked in PDF with Moyea PPT to PDF Converter. By converting PowerPoint presentations to PPT files, it enables you to reuse your PPT content on different platforms.

The PPT to PDF converter is installed as a printer drive on your computer. To export PowerPoint to PDF, 3 steps are enough:

Step 1 Import a PPT file that you want to convert to PDF.

Click the Add button or press the shortcut key 'A' to input a PowerPoint presentation for conversion. A file list is displayed with the serial number, name, size and destination of the selected file(s).

convert PPT to PDF guide

Rename the selected file by clicking the corresponding row under the Destination File column if necessary.
To specify an output directory for the PDF file(s), click the Open button on the right of the Output field.

Note: a Shortcut Menu is displayed on the right top of the main interface for your convenience.

Step 2 Make custom settings to the selected PowerPoint files.
Click the Settings button or press the shortcut key 'S' if you want to customize the conversion parameters. A Customize Settings interface pops up immediately. It is consisted of five tabs: General, Compress, Colors, Fonts, and Misc.

convert PPT to PDF guide

In the Compatibility field, choose the right version of Adobe Acrobat that you are using.
In the Auto-Rotate field, select how you want the output page(s) to be orientated.
In the Resolution dropdown, select a proper resolution for the output PDF file.
Compress: It is checked by default to make a smaller size for the converted PDF document. Uncheck this option if not necessary.
Colors: Select from the dropdown list which color model device you want to use for the output PDF file.
Fonts: The Embed all Fonts checkbox is ticked by default to display all the text of the converted PDF document(s).
Misc: Select whether you want to rename or override the converted PDF file if it has already existed, whether to show Repair dialogue while failed to invoke MS Office, and whether to open the PDF file(s) after conversion automatically.

Step 3 Start converting PowerPoint to PDF.
OK, everything is ready; now click on the Convert button to start the conversion of PowerPoint to PDF. The whole process of the conversion is displayed as a task list. When all the PowerPoint files are processed, you can see the Finish interface as below:

convert PPT to PDF guide

Click each link above to view your PowerPoint stuff in PDF.

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  • Cross-platform Compatible
    It converts Windows documents to universally-accepted PDF, so that you can view the Word/Excel/PowerPoint content in another environment even there is no MS Office installed. All you need is a PDF viewer.
  • Data Protection
    By creating locked PDF from MS Office, it enhances confidentiality and privacy of your documents and is helpful to keep prying hands off your Word/Excel/PowerPoint data.
  • Email-Friendly
    It can compress a MS Office document to a smaller PDF file that is more likely to be accepted by Email systems.