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Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu Edition

-- Protect e-learning PPT in sleek DVD - wing PowerPoint courseware with cool TV feel

Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu is a green E-learning app that creates fantastic DVD, Blu-ray Disc and video copies from your PowerPoint content in a few mouse clicks. With catching GUI and dual conversion capacity, the presentation-based education tool makes it easy to build SCORM-compliant DVD, Blu-ray Disc or video content that connects with and engages students, teachers, professors, IT professionals, and school administrators across different platforms.

Needless of bothering to any third-party burner, the PPT to DVD/Blu-ray Disc/video blend gives you the quickest reach to your back-to-school presentation on a big TV with Blu-ray/DVD player, at a mini gadget supportable of video, to an amazing Mac OS without PowerPoint, and throughout the entire Internet hosting videos. Integrate technology to your class and inspire creativity with this ingenious PPT to DVD Edu Edition!

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PowerPoint to DVD
PowerPoint to Blu-ray Disc
PowerPoint to Video
PowerPoint on TV
  • Create DVD/Blu-ray Disc course content from MS PowerPoint
  • Convert E-learning PowerPoint stuff to 12+ video formats
  • Support all 32-bit & 64-bit PowerPoint versions and free PowerPoint Viewers
  • Cool green UI to gear the back-to-schools in a balmy sense
  • Frame your on-screen class slideshow with 7 Blu-ray/DVD menu themes
  • Slide shift - One Animation One Chapter & One Slide One Chapter
  • Personalize your courseware DVD, Blu-ray Disc or video with watermark
  • Retain every component from E-learning presentations to DVD/Blu-ray Disc/video
  • Sound recorder to record author narration to Blu-ray/DVD course slideshow
  • Free insertion of background music and pictures to final DVD/Blu-ray Disc/video
  • Learning-friendly "Customize" feature to drill your computer skills
  • Batch process 12 PowerPoint course files to minimize time and effort
  • Preserve all original fonts, animations, transitions, videos and sounds
  • Detailed Info...

How can retrieve my registration key of Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu when it got lost?
A: Please enter our Support Center with the login account and password in the confirmation email that we sent to you to regain the registration key.

Can it preserve the sound and the YouTube video clip in my history PowerPoint presentation?
A: Generally, Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu can retain all the originals from a PowerPoint presentation to DVD and video. If your PPT file is too complicated to be processed, please feel free to contact us at our Support Center with a bug report.

The "Burn to disc" option disabled and only "Create to DVD image file" is available. Why?
A: The "Burn to disc" option is only valid in the case that it detects that you have installed a DVD writer. If you don’t install a DVD writer on your PC, you cannot choose the "Burn to disc" option to burn a generated DVD slideshow to disc.

Music in the slideshow failed to play smoothly on the school DVD player. How to shoot it?
A: The disc you burnt must be a DVD with lower read speed than a standard DVD. Another possibility is that the disk quality isn't good enough.

Why my DVD homework slideshow got interrupted for a sudden when playing on Window Media Player?
A: We strongly recommend you to upgrade the Windows Media Player V9.0 (or above) and DirectX 9.0 (or above).

Video clip in the original presentation didn’t appear in the output DVD/Video file. How to fix it?
A: If you added in the video clip by the "Insert-->Object…" method, that won’t work with the PPT to DVD Edu. Please insert via "Insert-->Movie and Sounds-->Movie from File…", and then try again.

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The PowerPoint to DVD Edu is a good assistant of you as it converts your PowerPoint courseware to versatile DVD/video.
  • Easier distribution - share your e-learning presentation from a PC to a TV with DVD player
  • More organized - save PowerPoint course content in data-protected DVD/video for reuse later
  • Get connected - stay in touch with students, classmates or teachers via YouTube& podcasts
  • Faster, funnier - see effect and fun in learning a subject with dynamic PowerPoint DVD/video