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convert PowerPoint presentation to MOV video

About MOV

MOV here refers to *.mov, a QuickTime multimedia format often used for saving movies and other video files. Using a proprietary compression algorithm developed by Apple Computer, it is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

How to convert PowerPoint to MOV

To get a movie out of your presentation, use Moyea PPT to Video Converter. With this smart program, it's easy to have instant access to your slideshow on the widest range of media players and devices including cell phones, set-top boxes as well as your computer.
Here follows the general steps of converting PowerPoint to MOV format with the powerful converter.

Step 1 Launch the program and add PPT files
Launch the Moyea PPT to Video Converter once it is installed on your computer. Then click Add to import a PowerPoint file.

Step 2 Set the style to MOV and specify a directory for the output
convert PowerPoint presentation to MOV video 

Step 3 Make advanced settings in the Profile interface
Click the Settings button next to Profile, and you can make advanced settings for profile, audio and video parameters in the pop-up Profile interface. Then click OK to save the current settings.
convert PowerPoint presentation to MOV video
Step 4 Customize the output effects to convert PPT to MOV
Click the Customize button to customize the output MOV files. This contains four panes: Timing, Music, Audio, Slide and Conversion. Set each pane as necessary.

Step 5 Start to convert PowerPoint to MOV video
Click the Start icon to start converting the presentation to MOV file. This may take some time. So leave it to Moyea PPT to Video Converter and get yourself a cup of coffee.

When the conversion is done, click Finish to view the MOV files in the specified folder. You can play the movies with QuickTime to test the effect, shown as follows: convert PowerPoint presentation to MOV video
Now you can find Moyea PPT to Video Converter is a help – easy to use yet cost effective and powerful enough to preserve every dynamic element in your PowerPoint.

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