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convert PowerPoint presentation to AVI video

About AVI

AVI (Audio Video Interleave), first introduced by Microsoft, is a special case of Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) which divides a file's data into blocks or chunks. An .avi file is used to store audio content or video content compressed with various codecs for playing by Windows Media Player on the computer installed with appropriate codecs. AVI files are supported by Microsoft and even by some standalone DVD players.


How to convert PowerPoint to AVI

Here follows two frequently-used methods for converting a PowerPoint presentation to AVI video.


Method 1: Using conversion tools like Moyea PPT to Video Converter

Moyea PPT to Video Converter is a popular program that enables you to capture sound and frames from the PowerPoint presentation and save them to any video format like AVI, WMV, MPEG, FLV, MP4, VOB, 3GP, 3G2, MOV or DV. Compared with other third-party software solutions, it is undoubtedly a perfect choice - with the best output effect yet the most competitive price to give you fun from video making.
Let's have a look at how to save PowerPoint to AVI with the magic converter.

Step 1: Launch the program and add PPT files
After you have Moyea PPT to Video Converter installed on your computer, launch it and click Add to import PowerPoint files.

Step 2: Set the output to AVI video and specify an output directory
convert PowerPoint presentation to AVI video

In the Profile dropdown list, select the option Audio Video Interleaved (*.avi).

Step 3: Make advanced settings for video profiles
Click the Settings button next to Profile, and you can make advanced settings for profile, audio and video parameters in the pop-up Profile interface. Then click OK to save the current settings.
convert PowerPoint presentation to AVI video

Step 4: Customize output effects for your video
Click the Customize button to define the output AVI file yourself. This contains Timing, Music, Audio, Slide and Conversion. Set each tab as you need.

Step 5: Start to convert PowerPoint to AVI video
Click Start to start converting the presentation to AVI file. This may take some time. So leave it to Moyea PPT to Video Converter and get yourself a cup of coffee.
When the conversion is done, click Finish to view the AVI files in the specified folder. You can play the AVI videos with Windows Media Player to test the effect, shown as follows:
convert PowerPoint presentation to AVI video


Method 2 Creating AVI video from PowerPoint with Screen Recorder
You can also record your presentation using a screen recorder when it plays on your screen. An application like SnagIt will grab your slideshow at approximately 10 frames per second in case that the presentation has no embedded video clips. But if a full motion video is embedded in your slideshow, you need to use a powerful capture app like Camtasia Studio ($299 per license). 

Disadvantages: when using a screen recorder, you have to open your PowerPoint many times, for you can't convert a pile of PowerPoint at a time. Also, you cannot add music or any other effects in during the conversion. Note that this may cause loss of animations, transitions, sound tracks or something else in the source, too.

Compared the two methods above, now you can find Moyea PPT to Video Converter is the better - easy to use, cost effective, and powerful enough to preserve every dynamic element from PowerPoint.

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