Refund Policy

We value your question and suggestion. Any request and feedback from you will be taken carefully. We tend to provide superiors and first-class products and service to you.

The refund policy provides information on how to get your payment back with our product.

We provide refund of the purchase price in the following cases:
1. Reproducible Bug/error, which we cannot solve the problem within an acceptable period of time or provide a temporary solution. In this circumstance, please cooperate with our technical support and offer the detailed information, such as your OS, actions before the error occurs, screenshots of error, etc. if required.
2. Hardware incompatibility, which prevents you from using our product on your computer, and we cannot solve the problem within an acceptable period of time or suggest a temporary solution. We strongly recommend that you try the product before you place an order.
3. Duplicate orders, which happened by accident.

We do not accept the refund request in the following cases:
1. The request is about a free item offered during a period of time.
2. The request is about returning the payment for the CD. When the CD is involved in a request, the price for the CD would not be refunded.
3. The request is sent soon after the purchase of the product.
4. The request does not include any particular reasons, only stating the uninstalling of the product with no future use.
5. The reason for the refund is about the features we never claim to provide on our site.
6. Including the purchase day, purchase above one month won't grant refund (This one month does not include the time of solving the software's unusable problem).

To request a refund, please Contact Us with the following information:
1. Your name.
2. The email address for the order.
3. The order number.
4. The product you want to request.
5. The reason for the refund.

We will refund the purchase price of the product after the further cooperation from you about the problem and the request is approved.