Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Pro FAQ

frequently asked questions on Moyea PowerPoint to DVD and video converter

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can the PPT to DVD burner work with Windows 8 and support PowerPoint 2013?
    A: Yes, Moyea PPT to DVD Burner is highly Windows-compatible software. It can run on Windows 8 smoothly. It can help convert PowerPoint 2013 presentations to DVD/Blu-ray/video.

  • Q: Do I need to have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on my computer?
    A: Currently Moyea PPT to DVD Burner supports to work with Microsoft PowerPoint and PowerPoint Viewer.

  • Q: What are the differences between Personal license and Commercial license?
    A: With Personal License, you can use the software for personal and non-profit, non-commercial purposes.
    With Commercial License, you (individual) can use the software in a business, academic, or government for any purpose.

  • Q: Can this program keep all the originals of my PowerPoint file, like preset timings, animations, videos and audios, all transitions?
    A: Generally, Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Pro is capable of keeping all the PowerPoint originals, e.g., animations, transitions, video clips and sound tracks. In case your PPT file is rather complicated, and that causes loss of an effect, please report the error file to us via emailing to

  • Q: My DVD Player can't recognize the DVD I just burnt, what can I do?
    A: Firstly please check if the DVD disc could play on your computer with DVD playing software. If so, please go to "Options\DVD Options" in the PPT to DVD Burner program and set the DVD Norm to the other one - PAL or NTSC, and re-burn to check.
  • Set DVD Norm

  • Q: The option of "Burn to disc" is not available and I can only choose "Create to Blu-ray/DVD image file", why?
    A: The "Burn to disc" option is only available when the burner detects a Blu-ray/DVD writer/burner on your PC. If you don't install a Blu-ray/DVD writer/burner on your computer, the "Burn to disc" option will appear grey.
    Alternatively, you can choose 'Create Blu-ray/DVD image file' so that you can burn the converted Blu-ray/DVD to disk later with a third-party burner.

  • Q: Why the output DVD/Blu-ray/Video file has no audio/sound but it works very well in my source PowerPoint?
    A: There are three reasons that may cause the audio problem:
    • 1). You have chosen to ignore the audio in PowerPoint. Please check the options on the interface of "Options\Advanced Settings\PowerPoint\" in Moyea PPT to DVD Burner.
    • 2). You haven't set the audio file to automatically play when inserted in PPT. Please change the settings in your presentation file.
    • 3). The audio codec is not supported. Please set the audio codec to be the other---AC3 or MP2 on the interface of "Options\Advanced Settings\Audio Codec" in Moyea PPT to DVD Burner.
    If you are still stuck after trying all the methods, please report to us at

  • Q: Can I save the changes I made with the Blu-ray/DVD Menu and use next time?
    A: No. The changes for Blu-ray/DVD Menu will just take effect for current conversion. You need to set again next time you use it.

  • Q: How to make the DVD disc auto and loop play?
    A: Please go to "Options\Advanced Settings\Bluray/DVD" tab, and check the option "Disable Bluray/DVD Menus", then all your PPT presentations will automatically play in sequence.

  • Make the DVD disc auto and loop play

  • Q: How can I remove the default background music of DVD Menu?
    A: Please go to Menu Creator in Moyea program, you will see the Background Music at the bottom of the panel, click the Remove button Remove Buttom to remove the default music.

  • Remove the default background music of DVD Menu

  • Q: Can I add my own logo for my DVD/Blu-ray/Video?
    A: Yes. You could add images as watermark via "Logo" function in the burner program for your output DVD/Blu-ray/video to brand and protect your presentations.

  • Q: What to do when the process of converting PowerPoint 2010 gets stuck?
    A: When you find the PPT Converter spends much more time than it is supposed to be on converting a certain slide of PowerPoint 2010 (just as the following picture shows), there is a great chance that the conversion process gets stuck.

    PowerPoint 2010 gets stuck
    To fix the problem, you need to cancel the conversion process and change the animation options of the slides. Just follow these steps:

  • Q: What to do when the PowerPoint files failed to convert?
    A: Please provide us the detail information of the failure to so that we could check about the problem:
    1). Was there any error message prompted?
    2). Your OS, PowerPoint version No., Program version No.
    3). Check whether you can convert another file successfully. If you meet the problem only in this file, you can send us the original PPT file for our further testing.
    If your file is within 300MB, you can transfer your PPT file via Microsoft Skydrive address: (User name: Password: goodluck88)
    PS: If there is audio or video embedded in your PPT file, please also send us the video or audio.

  • Q: When I play my writable disc on the DVD player, the menu music is playing intermittently. How could I solve it?
    A: The fault may be caused by 2 reasons:
    a. The DVD disc you burnt your presentation to has a read speed lower than regular DVDs.
    b. The quality of the disk isn't good enough to support a fluent playback.
  • To solve the problem, you can try to use another DVD disc with higher quality and read speed.

  • Q: I have burned the PowerPoint to Blu-ray/DVD. It runs on one of my Blu-ray/DVD players, but on two others, it doesn't recognize the disc and won't run. Any ideas?
    A: As to this problem, try to change the Blu-ray/DVD Norm to be NTSC or PAL, and retry it on your Blu-ray/DVD players. If it still doesn't work, please contact us at

  • Q: I get the error message including "Error opening C:\Users\Owner\Documents\PPT to DVD Burner\Output\dvd_2008…./VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_0.VOB: Bad address" during conversion. What should I do?
    A: Your path for the output folder seems too long. To solve the problem, try to shorten the path to be something like "D:\Output" instead of the former one. Then start the conversion again.

  • Q: When I do the conversion, I receive an error message saying "An error occurs when trying to open an AVW object to get ready to encode. Please send this message to our technical support. Maybe the target video file is already opened by another application", how to fix it?
    A: In the error message, you've noticed "Maybe the target video file is already opened by another application". So shut down all the other applications programs running the video file, particularly media players like Windows Media Player. Try again.

  • Q: I get the below error message: 1. ERROR: Failed to DVD Authoring. 2. ERROR: Err writing data. What's going on?
    A: As to the error, please reset the working folder and output folder on the interface of "Options\Output Options\Folder\" to another hard drive on your computer. Then, try again.

  • Q: I have inserted video file in my PowerPoint using "Insert>Object…", the file converted successfully, but when I playback and review the output DVD/Video file, the inserted video hasn't converted and didn't appear, how to fix it?
    A: The "Insert >Object…" way to insert a video file is not supported by the PPT to DVD burner. Please insert your video via "Insert >Video >Video from File…"(in PowerPoint 2010).
    If you still have questions, please email us at

  • Q: The slides have been cropped when viewing the output DVD on my TV. Why?
    A: Firstly please check you have chosen the right aspect ratio. Then you could adjust the "Margin size" in "Logo-->Video Layout" tab of the PPT to DVD Burner Pro program and then try.

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