Xmas Videos that Fit to Friends that Matter

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Gift giving is a long-lasting tradition during Christmas in the West. It is a simple way to show your care and affection to each other. As this Xmas approaches, you must have thought of presenting a special gift to your beloved friends.

The gift idea is always troublesome as you have to rack your brain to create a sweet surprise to each friend. Nevertheless, your friends deserve a well-thought gift as they are the ones who bring sunshine to you in the dark, ease your pain when you are sick, relieve you from stress and depression, and are always there whenever you are in need.

To make a unique memorable gift, you need to prepare it yourself with sense and sparkles. One rummy idea is to create a video yourself. A video that vividly records a special time spent with your friend is absolutely amazing. Also it is often easy to put on web for sharing with your friends online. You can use a camcorder, digital camera, or even a cell phone to record a video. But it would be more cost-effective and contributive to perfect looks and sounds if you make a PowerPoint presentation first. Here follows an example:

Xmas Videos that Fit to Friends that Matter-create PPT

The presentation can consist of a special theme embedded with attractive photos of your friend, songs that he adores or video clips of the bygone days you stayed together. A wide selection of animations is allowed to add across the slideshow so that you can be a bit more hands-on. A lovely job to present your present as a magic presentation, isn't it?

Next is to convert the presentation into video - a popular format for web distribution. Create a video from your imaginative PPT file using a conversion program (e.g. Moyea PPT to Video Converter), as shown below:

Xmas Videos that Fit to Friends that Matter-convert PPT to video

This is more economic than any other video maker we have mentioned. Surely, the most important thing is not how expensive the gift should be but how meaningful it will be to your friend. Then upload the converted video to related sharing sites such as the well-known YouTube. See the AVI video uploading as follows:

Xmas Videos that Fit to Friends that Matter-play PPT on youtube

This makes it possible to celebrate Christmas with your friends from afar. The video filled with your love and wish can live as long as your great friendship. Every time they play the video, the wonderful days together with you would arise from the most inner of them. Yes, the key of true friendship lies in sharing, sharing sweets and sadness.

Your friends once did something special that made you moved; now it is time for you to make a special gift showing your profound gratitude as well as long yearning for being with them. Exercise your imagination and create a Xmas video as mirror of your evergreen friendship.