Mobile PowerPoint Presentation – Walk Your Ideas Freely

Summary:Mobile PowerPoint presentation is going to be the next wave of technology in the industry of consumer electronics. Imagine your mobile phone with a 20-inch screen!

It's a busy world. It's a mobile world. And it's going to be the time that mobile PowerPoint presentation makes its way into the mass market.

The idea of mobile presentation technology is based on Windows and cell phone. It is aimed to project your mobile presentation to merely a flat surface. The revolutionary technology solves the problem of small screen on a cell phone. Due to the technology, users can view bigger and better images of emails, movies, videos and Internet news with a handy phone. The need for mobile presentation will definitely increase as PCs and cell phones continue to converge.

mobile PowerPoint presentation sample 1 Projector mobile phone

While mentioning a presentation, we cannot help thinking of PowerPoint, the best known authoring tool of content. Combine the merits of PowerPoint and mobile presentations, we conclude to the new concept of mobile PowerPoint presentation.

Who can benefit from mobile PowerPoint presentation?
Mobile PowerPoint presentation is friendly to all cell phone and PowerPoint users, especially to business professionals on the go.
When you have made a business PowerPoint presentation, and have to lecture it to targeted audience at another place, you can save it on a handy phone instead of a desktop computer. A business PowerPoint presentation can walk and be widely spread as far as you can go.

The next question is
How to make a mobile PowerPoint presentation?
A mobile presentation is no longer a dream but a reality for users of Windows Mobile. To put it another way, you can view and rehearse your presentation on travel if you use a Windows Mobile phone.
But what if you are not using Windows Mobile? Still you can enjoy a mobile slideshow at large. This can be achieved by converting PowerPoint to video that is mobile-compatible. You may use Moyea PPT to Video Converter, a versatile PowerPoint to video solution designed to easily and precisely watch a PowerPoint slideshow at anytime and anywhere.
After a video presentation is successfully formed, you can connect it to your cell phone and watch the mobile slideshow with ease.

And if you want to
Share your mobile PowerPoint presentation in a large screen,
You should have a projector (above-mentioned as mobile presentation technology) built in your mobile phone.
Instead of watching a PowerPoint presentation on a traditional home TV or with a teaching projector, you can play it on a projector mobile phone. Point the device at any wall, and you've got it all. This will surely enrich your visual pleasure in an amazing PowerPoint presentation – handy, flexible, yet no less professional at all.

The following picture illustrates how a projector mobile phone works:

mobile PowerPoint presentation sample 2 Get a mobile PowerPoint slideshow

No matter it comes to a room lesson or an outdoor lecture, a business meeting or a weekend party, you can take full use of the mobile PowerPoint presentation. It offers a simple way for you to create a mobile PowerPoint presentation that walks your ideas and wows your audience at most.

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