Distribute Getable Easter Presentations

Summary: Capture everything exciting on Easter's Day, make elegant Easter DVD movie and video, and distribute the presentation masterpieces to share with the whole world.

Easter recalls everyone of his energy for a sunny spring. Different groups celebrate the Easter season in different ways. An addition to the great Easter activities is making getable Easter presentations with Moyea PowerPoint to DVD Burner, a versatile conversion tool that is capable of converting your Easter PowerPoint presentation to DVD and video.

Funny DVD Photo Album
To little kids, Easter means all such delicacies as bunny cakes, dyeing eggs, roasted lambs and decorated cookies as well as exciting Easter parties.
easter egg hunt You can pick these merry moments on Easter with your camera, and edit them in MS PowerPoint (for example, to add animations, sound, or notes for an illustrative photo album). To avoid piracy of your Easter PowerPoint photo album, you can save it in form of DVD movie using the mentioned Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. When converting with the software, you are also allowed to add a watermark onto output DVD for making a difference. The photo album in DVD makes it possible to share the Easter funny moments on TV, and to distribute to more people, even the great grandmothers who don't know how to use a computer.

Holy Sermon Video Slideshow
easter cross To all Christians, Easter is a celebration of Christ, all about the death and resurrection of Jesus who was dead was now alive, like Palm Sunday, holy cross and sermons for Easter Sunday. For this traditional festival, you can still celebrate it with a modern flavor. Sermons for Easter Sunday can be made from PowerPoint including Easter elements along with your own narrations. Then transfer the Easter sermons into any popular video using Moyea PPT to Video Converter. Upload the Easter video sermon onto YouTube or your Home Page for more traffic.

Compared with a traditional paper sermon, video sermons are superior in delivering your holy ideas far and wide and saving as live for reuse in future.

Encourage your congregation to invite friends, family and neighbors during the Easter season and share all your imaginative Easter presentation works online or on TV.

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