Key Features of Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu Edition

PowerPoint presentation to DVD Burner

Start higher in the new school year with your PPT to DVD Burner Edu!

  • Create DVD/Blu-ray Disc Courses from PowerPoint
    Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu Edition makes it possible to burn a PowerPoint course onto a capable DVD or Blu-ray Disc that is cross-platform and data-protective and can be played on a TV hooked with a DVD player or Blu-ray Disc Player. From a school desktop to a home laptop, you can teach or learn even without PowerPoint.
  • Convert PPT Course to 12+ Video Formats
    Turn a dynamic e-Learning presentation to 12 more video formats, e.g. ASF, AVI, MPEG, FLV, MOV, MP4, DV, DAT, TS, VOB and WMV. By end device, the educational app extends a course slideshow to a hot portable like iPod, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Pocket PC, Zune, to a social network site like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, a teaching blog or a learning podcast.
  • Cool UI with A Balmy Back-to-school Sense
    Green is today’s technology. And green makes the stylish skin of this back-to-school app. With the smart DVD moviemaker and video creator, take off your first DIY experience of a back-to-school Blu-ray/DVD movie, or even a class game video, in such a balmy atmosphere of summer vigor.
  • Seven School-themed Blu-ray/DVD Menu Templates
    Different from its two brothers Pro and Lite of the PPT to DVD Burner family, the educational edition displays a distinctive school genre in Menu, i.e. menu templates you would love to frame your Blu-ray/DVD slideshow when playing on a big TV screen. The Blu-ray/DVD menu themes include 7 - Classroom, Homework, Library, Playground, School, Student and Teacher.
  • Chapter Mode I: One Animation One Chapter
    The e-Learning program offers two special chapter modes for a Blu-ray/DVD slideshow. One is "One Animation One Chapter", meaning the amount of chapters equals that of animations in the same slide. It is a great convenience for teachers, professors and students to emphasize a point in their presentation.
  • Chapter Mode II: One Slide One Chapter
    The other chapter mode in the PPT to DVD Edu is "One Slide One Chapter", a concise scheme that cuts unnecessary repeats in a Blu-ray/DVD slideshow. If multiple animations exist in a certain slide, only the first one will be active. It is to meet your need of simplicity in a Blu-ray/DVD course.
  • Personalize Blu-ray/DVD/Video Course by Watermark
    Personality is embodied by the Logo feature, or Watermark function. The PPT to DVD Burner Edu provides an ease to brand or protect a DVD/Blu-ray/video presentation with your unique logo, showing a personality while preventing from piracy.
  • Built-in Burn Engine to Save Blu-ray/DVD Right to Disc
    Embedded with a built-in burn engine, the PowerPoint to DVD Edu enables teachers and students to burn a class presentation right to a Blu-ray/DVD disc, without bothering to any third-party burner. Highly compatible, it applies to almost all versions of Windows OS from 2000.
  • Retain Animations, Transitions, Sounds & More
    Sounds don’t work on another PC? The PPT to DVD Edu would relieve you from that trouble! Strong synchronization capability in the e-Learning app promises you a loss-less Blu-ray/DVD/video slideshow, not to miss any part from an original presentation including fonts, sounds, animations, movie clips and slide transitions.
  • Record Author Narration to Blu-ray/DVD Course Show
    A sound recorder in the Music Tab gives you a comfort to add in your very voice as narration for the output Blu-ray/DVD course slideshow. Make up your tone to attract your audience even if you forgot doing that in previous PowerPoint!
  • Random Insertion of Sound Tracks & Pictures
    Beautiful pictures, pleasant sounds. That is probably true with the featured Music and Video Layout in the PPT2DVD Edu, which allows a random insertion of sound tracks and picture files as your e-Learning DVD/Blu-ray Disc/video background.
  • Convenient Customize to Drill Computer Skills
    The PowerPoint to DVD Edu could neither ignore a creative brain or a careless mind. For those who want to show a programming genius at video creation, and those who need a change in slide name or transition or thumbnail, they can find a satisfaction with the "Customize" feature in both slide and profile.
  • Batch Process Up to 12 PowerPoint Course Files
    Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu supports all types of PowerPoint files (e.g., PPT, PPS, POS, PPTX, PPSX, POTX), and processes a batch of up to 12 course files per conversion. A great save of time and energy to you busy faculty and staff.

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