Moyea PPT to PDF Converter FAQ

Product F.A.Q

Q: What can I do if the converted PDF can't be opened in Adobe Reader?
A: Make sure you have set to embed 100% of used characters in the Fonts tab. Or click the Load Default button at the bottom left to solve the problem. Then convert the document again.

Q: I keep getting the error message "unable to launch Microsoft PowerPoint". I have restarted my computer and I am still getting the same message?
A: This error may be caused by that Microsoft PowerPoint is not completely installed on your computer. To rectify this problem, you can check and reinstall MS PowerPoint.

Q: How can I improve the image quality when converting to PDF?

A: By default Compress is selected. This means that when you are converting an Office document to PDF, the text and graphics in the output will be compressed for a smaller size.
However, if you want to get better image quality in the PDF file, you can go to Settings -> Customize Settings, then uncheck the Compress Pages option and select a higher DPI setting from the Resolution drop-down in General.

Q: How do I uninstall the PPT to PDF Converter?
A: To uninstall the converter, please follow these two steps:
I. Activate the Control Panel, and double click Add/Remove Programs.
II. Find out Moyea PPT to PDF Converter list box entry and remove it.