PowerPoint to HTML

Summary: This article gives a general description of PowerPoint to HTML, including the usage, reason, and exact solutions of converting PowerPoint presentation to HTML.

As we know, PowerPoint is a remarkable authoring tool for creating and organizing content in an elegant style. But it seems not so good when you want to put the PowerPoint content on the web for online share, for a fairly good knowledge of HTML is required to produce a truly effective document. That is why we introduce the concept of PowerPoint to HTML here, i.e. to create web pages (HTML) from PowerPoint presentations.

Who need convert PowerPoint to HTML?
PowerPoint to HTML is necessary for

PowerPoint plays an important role in today's teaching. More and more schools tend to publish the class content on line. And it cannot be done unless you save PowerPoint as web page.

Enterprises are another big user group of PowerPoint. The sales staffs of a firm always have their products and services made from PowerPoint listed on related websites for more traffic. It undoubtedly requires a conversion from PowerPoint to HTML for web use.

For individual users of PowerPoint, usually there is a demand in putting PowerPoint presentations on a personal site for public share or personal collection. This is very popular among the young nowadays.

Why output PowerPoint to HTML?
The notion of PowerPoint to HTML is first inspired by making PowerPoint presentations accessible to people who use assistive technologies like screen readers. Along with a growing need of Internet deals, PowerPoint HTML becomes widely accepted by netizens in 21st century.
The reason of converting PowerPoint to HTML is obvious. It is because PowerPoint slides are not easy to be put onto a web page while HTML is a web-friendly format. Hence we need to extract information from a PowerPoint presentation onto Web.

How can you achieve PowerPoint to HTML?
Several methods are listed below:
Method 1 Use the Save as Web Page Option in PowerPoint
It is common to output your presentation to HTML using the Save as Web Page option in PowerPoint. Although it is the most direct for PowerPoint to HTML, it isn't quite recommended.
1. The slides are saved as separate images. Consequently, the entire folder of HTML files becomes so big that it is not an easy job if you want to upload all of them to your server.
2. The original animations in the PowerPoint presentation will get lost with this method.
3. The slides can only display properly with an IE browser. For web visitors who aren't using IE, it is impossible to view the presentation as it is.

Method 2 Download a conversion program of PowerPoint to HTML
Generally, you can use a third party PPT-to-HTML converter if you want to use PowerPoint to create web pages that work with all browsers. It may help if you don't want to trouble yourself with an annoying result caused by Method 1.
In conclusion, PowerPoint to HTML is essential and helpful to those who want to show a PowerPoint presentation on their web site to draw more public attentions.