How to Set Background Picture for a PowerPoint File?

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What is PowerPoint? As we know, PowerPoint is really amazing software from Microsoft. Microsoft PowerPoint is an application for creating presentations, A PowerPoint presentation is formatted like a slide show, and accordingly, the basic unit of the PowerPoint presentation is called a "slide". As you make an oral presentation, you can click through the slides to reinforce your ideas. PowerPoint presentations can also be presented without accompanying oral discussion or printed out as briefing books for a meeting.

Therefore, more and more people learn and seek to design a good PowerPoint file day by day. So then to meet more and more people's requirement, here I also would like to join in to share some knowledge with you!

Refer to how to design a attractive PowerPoint, there is a function you must use. That is how to set background picture for a PowerPoint file.

Set Background Picture for a PowerPoint file in PowerPoint 2003

  • Open/Create a PowerPoint file
  • Choose one slide, Right Click, and then click Background.

  • Click on Pull-Down Menu, Choose the Fill Effects....

  • Choose the Picture tab at the top of the Fill Effects dialog box. Click on the Select Picture...button to locate the photo saved on your computer.
  • Click on OK to add the picture to the slide background.
  • Click on Apply to All or Apply button

Set Background Picture for a PowerPoint file in PowerPoint 2007

  • Select the slide that you want to add a background picture to.

    To select multiple slides, click a slide, and then press and hold CTRL while you click the other slides.

  • On the Design tab, in the Background group, click Background Styles, and then click Format Background.

    Design tab

  • Click Fill, and then click Picture or texture fill.
  • Do one of the following:
    • To insert a picture from a file, click File, and then locate and double-click the picture that you want to insert.
    • To paste a picture that you copied, click Clipboard.
    • To use clip art (clip art: A single piece of ready-made art, often appearing as a bitmap or a combination of drawn shapes.) as a background picture, click Clip Art, and then in the Search text box, type a word or phrase that describes the clip (clip: A single media file, including art, sound, animation, or movies.) that you want, or type all or part of the file name of the clip.

      To include clip art that is available on Microsoft Office Online in your search, select the Include content from Office Online check box, click Go, and then click the clip to insert it.

  • Do one of the following:
    • To use the picture as a background for the slides that you selected, click Close.
    • To use the picture as a background for all of the slides in your presentation, click Apply to All.