A Sneak Peek at Features in Moyea PPT to Video Converter Edu Edition

Choose your video course creator with these amazing features!
  • Convert e-Learning PowerPoint to video of ASF, AVI, MPEG, MOV & more
  • Turn PowerPoint courses to DVD/TV-ready video in MPEG, VOB, and AVI
  • Convert class PPT content to MP4 video supportable by portable devices
  • Retain all PowerPoint originals including animations, sounds & video clips
  • Allow random insertion of sounds & images as background of class video
  • Customizable profile options to personalize e-Learning video slideshows
  • Batch process many PowerPoint course files to quality videos at once
  • Super conversion speed and accurate video result for digital fun in class
Come to your right video show in this Output List of PPT2Video Edu:
See which one below meets to your back-to-school slideshow.

Convert E-Learning PowerPoint to ASF Video
Turn your course content from PowerPoint to Advanced Streaming Format (*.asf) for sharing on the Web. Convert your PowerPoint courseware to
» Advanced Streaming Format (*.asf)
» Xbox360 MCE HD ASF Video (*.asf)

Convert E-Learning PowerPoint to AVI Video
Output your class PowerPoint presentation to
» Audio Video Interleaved (*.avi),
» Creative Zen Player Video (*.avi),
» Blackberry H.263 AVI Video (*.avi)
» H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Video (*.avi)
» Lossless Uncompressed AVI (*.avi)
» AVI with DV Codec (*.avi)
» Archos AV500/Gmini402 Video (*.avi)
» iRiver PMP-100 Video (*.avi)
» XviD Movie (*.avi)

Convert E-Learning PowerPoint to MP4 Video
Show your homework PowerPoint stuff on YouTube, Facebook or an iPod by saving it to MP4 video. Choose a specific MP4 format for your PowerPoint content. Save PowerPoint to
» MP4 Video (*.mp4)
» Flash Video H.264 (*.mp4)
» iPod-Video/Classic Movie (*.mp4)
» iPod Touch Movie (*.mp4)
» PSP Movie (*.mp4)
» PS3 Video MPEG-4 (*.mp4)
» Apple TV Movie (*.mp4)
» iPhone Movie (*.mp4)

Convert E-Learning PowerPoint to WMV Video
A lesson in PowerPoint cannot playback at your Windows Media Player, unless you transform it to WMV video like
» Windows Media Video (*.wmv)
» Zune Movie (*.wmv)
» Pocket PC Movie (*.wmv)
» Xbox 360 Video (*.wmv)

Convert E-Learning PowerPoint to MPEG Video
Your teaching material in PowerPoint can also turn into MPEG video of multiple end devices. Make your PowerPoint courseware into
» Supper Video CD (*.mpg)
» Video CD (*.mpg)
» MPEG1 Video (*.mpg)
» MPEG2 Video (*.mpg)

Convert E-Learning PowerPoint to 3GP Video
Export your science presentation to 3GP, the 3rd Generation Partnership Project media format. Convert e-Learning PowerPoint to
» 3GPP Video (*.3gp)
» 3GPP2 Video (*.3g2)

Convert E-Learning PowerPoint to MOV Video
Going to deliver your lesson presentation on a Mac? Clone the PowerPoint content onto the Mac-friendly MOV video like
» Apple QuickTime Movie (*.mov)
» HD QuickTime Video (*.mov)

Convert E-Learning PowerPoint to VOB Video
To create a DVD-ready video slideshow, export your e-Learning PowerPoint project to VOB video such as
» DVD-Video Format (*.vob)
» Super Video-CD Format (*.vob)
» VOB-MPEG2 PS Format (*.vob)
» HD VOB Video (*.vob)
» Xbox 360 HD VOB Video (*.vob)

Convert E-Learning PowerPoint to FLV Video
Organize your learning stuff from fragile PowerPoint to flexible flash video (*.flv), like that on YouTube. From PowerPoint to
» FLV-Flash H.264 Video (*.flv)

Convert E-Learning PowerPoint to TS Video
Turn your back-to-school lesson content from PowerPoint to slick TS video like
» HD H.264 TS Video (*.ts)
» TS Transport Stream (*.ts)
» HD MPEG2 Video (*.ts)

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