Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Lite Tutorial (I)

Convert PowerPoint to DVD/Blu-ray Disc

Help you quickly convert and burn PowerPoint presentations to DVD with professional menus

See how Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Lite works in converting a PowerPoint file (.ppt, .pps, .pot, .pptx, .ppsx, etc.) to either Standard DVD or Blu-ray Disc and burning to disc, without of a single loss of original effects like animation, transition, music and webcam video.

Step 1: Install and launch Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Lite
Install and launch the .exe file of Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Lite. In the popup main interface, select 'Create Standard DVD' or 'Create Blu-ray Disc'. Click Next to continue.


Step 2: Import your PowerPoint files

The 'Import' interface is displayed. Click Add to import a PowerPoint file you would like to convert to DVD. You can add up to 12 PPT files per conversion.


  • To delete a listed PPT file, click the Remove button.
  • To adjust the sequence of an imported PPT file, select it, click Move Down or Move Up, and drag it to the row you prefer.
  • To edit slide properties of a listed PPT file, double click on it, or select it and click the Customize… button. In the 'Edit Slide Property' interface, double click on an slide item to rename the slide or change its transition time.


    Step 3: Set Output Options

    General Output Options

    Click Next to toggle to the 'Options' interface.

    You can set 'Norm', 'Mode', 'Video Aspect Ratio' for your PowerPoint DVD or Blu-ray Disc.


  • Norm: Refers to the TV standard for your Blu-ray/DVD output. Generally, NTSC applies to American users while PAL to European users. If you are not sure which one is correct, click the Help… button to get it.
  • Mode: Defines the aspect ratio, encode size and display size of your Blu-ray/DVD output. Click More… to get more details.
  • Video Aspect Ratio: Refers to the ratio of the width to the height of your Blu-ray/DVD output. Two options are available for Standard DVD - 4:3 and 16:9. Only one option is available for Blu-ray Disc - 16:9.

    Advanced Settings

    If you want more customization on the output DVD or Blu-ray Disc, click the Advanced Settings button. In the Advanced Settings interface, you can set slide size, video layout, video quality, audio codec, Blu-ray/DVD, and conversion status.

  • Slide Size: Choose to keep or change current slide size. You are recommended to keep the scale of the slides and adjust the window when playing your DVD or Blu-ray Disc on TV.

  • Video Layout: Select which video layout you like best for your Blu-ray/DVD slideshow. If your PowerPoint file is rich in elements, "Safe size" will be OK.

  • Video Quality: Higher video quality or smaller output file size? It's up to you. To get best video effect, choose "High Quality".

  • Audio Codec: Two audio codecs are available, i.e. AC3 and MP2, for your PowerPoint DVD or Blu-ray Disc to play on a DVD/Blu-ray player. Not sure which one should be? Then choose 'AC3', a standard DVD audio codec.

  • Blu-ray/DVD: Set the audio language code for your Blu-ray/DVD output. Choose to or not to disable Blu-ray/DVD menus.

  • Conversion: Check to make the audio portion mute when converting PowerPoint to DVD or Blu-ray Disc. If there is another file with the same name as your DVD or Blu-ray file, you can choose to rename or override it.

    Step 4: Choose Blu-ray/DVD Menu for your Blu-ray/DVD slideshow

    Again, click Next to head to the 'Menu' interface. Note that it only applies to "Create Standard DVD" and "Create Blu-ray Disc" options.

    The selected PPT file is displayed in the 'Current Presentation' field.

  • To change the default Blu-ray/DVD menu template, click the down arrow on the right. Choose a proper one from the preset 15 themes.
  • To customize a selected Blu-ray/DVD menu, under Main Menu or Title Menu, click the Menu Design button.
  • As to playback mode for your output DVD or Blu-ray Disc, you can choose to play it automatically and/or manually. To make a self-running Blu-ray/DVD show on your Blu-ray/DVD player, click Loop play.


    More on Blu-ray/DVD Menu

    a. Main Menu

    Under the Main Menu control bar, click Menu Design to edit details of the main menu.

    To edit main menu for a selected PPT file,

    • Click its thumbnail. You can set background fill and background music for your Blu-ray/DVD slideshow.
    • To change the frame style, toggle to Button Style, and choose one that fits best to your content.
    • To change the captions, go to the Caption tab. Type in a word or phrase you want to replace.
    • For more customization, click Advanced. You can choose to disable the Blu-ray/DVD menu, to show the file name, and to frame or mark the focused menu item.
    • Got finished? Click Apply to all if you want to apply the current change to all selected PPT files.
    • Click OK to save the menu settings.

    b. Title Menu

    To edit title menu for your PowerPoint DVD or Blu-ray Disc, under the Title Menu control bar, click Menu Design. It is recommended to choose a playback mode before editing the title menu.

    The editing process of the Title Menu is similar to that of the Main Menu.


    Step 5: Add a favorite sound for your DVD/Blu-ray output

    Even you forgot placing background music in your PowerPoint presentation, it doesn't matter. You can add a favorite sound or record a narration with the PPT to DVD burner. No quantity limit to sounds.

    a. Auto Mode

    Allows you to insert a sound or narration under auto playback mode.


    To set a sound file, do the following:

    • To insert an audio file, click .
    • To remove a selected sound, click .
    • To test the sound effect, click .
    • To change the sequence of a listed sound file, click Move Down or Move Up.

    In auto-play mode, you can also check to ignore the audio file in the current presentation and to truncate the music if it is longer than the whole DVD or Blu-ray Disc length.


    b. Manual Mode

    It lets you configure one audio file or more under the manual playback mode.

    To set a sound under the Manual Mode, refer to that in the Auto Mode above. They work the same way.


    Step 6: Convert and burn PowerPoint to Blu-ray/DVD disc

    Go to Burn Disc, the last step. Before burning to disc, you should specify a directory for the DVD or Blu-ray Disc output.


    Burn to Disc

    # Note: To burn your PowerPoint file directly to a DVD or Blu-ray disc, you should have a writable DVD or Blu-ray disc and a Blu-ray/DVD burner on your computer.

  • Volume Label: The name that displays on your Blu-ray/DVD file. You can rename it as you like.

    Create Blu-ray/DVD image file

    You can also choose to create a Blu-ray/DVD image file, in case no Blu-ray/DVD disc or Blu-ray/DVD burner is available. Later, you can burn the Blu-ray/DVD image file to disc with a third-party burner.

  • ISO File: Specifies the directory of the ISO file on your PC. You can change it as necessary.
  • Volume Label: The name that displays on the Blu-ray/DVD image file. You can rename it as you like.
  • Click Start to start the PPT to DVD (or Blu-ray Disc) conversion.

    You will see a window like the one above when the conversion completes. Click the hyperlink to your Blu-ray/DVD slideshow.
    # Note: The NOTE message only shows up in a trial version.

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