How to Watch PowerPoint on Panasonic TV

Burn PowerPoint presentations to DVD Disc for viewing on Panasonic TV

Before we talk about how to enjoy HD PowerPoint presentation on Panasonic TV, let’s take a look at what Panasonic TV brings.

Panasonic is the market leader in plasma TVs, LCD TVs, digital cameras, DVD/Blu-ray players, etc. It offers a range of plasma TVs in size from 42 to 65-inch. Take Panasonic Viera TC-P50V10 for example. It can properly handle 1080p HD movies without flicker and consume less power than previous 1080p plasmas. The THX mode lets viewers see movies and other content exactly as they wish without seeking help for professional calibration. Its superb back-level performance with excellent shadow detail makes it the right choice for those who demand terrific blacks for the most cinematic picture quality.

Just like other TVs, we need to connect a computer to Panasonic TV or burn PowerPoint to DVD for viewing on Panasonic TV with a DVD player.

PowerPoint to Panasonic TV

How to Play PowerPoint on Panasonic TV with transitions, animations, music & video clips

The reasons why we burn PPT to DVD are:

  1. It could properly retain all the original PowerPoint elements like fonts, languages, transitions, animations, music and video clips.
  2. It enables us to display PowerPoint on Panasonic TV without a computer.
  3. The output DVD will be good for long time preservation or as a gift to send to other people.

… …
>>More advantages of burning PowerPoint to DVD Disc.
Now, let’s check out how to view PowerPoint on Panasonic TV with the help of Moyea PPT to DVD Burner.
Start the program and click “Import” to add PowerPoint files. Up to 12 PPT files could be added to this PPT to Panasonic TV burner for burning at one time.
Then, click “Options” and choose “Create Standard DVD”.

PowerPoint to Panasonic TV: Settings


Next, click on “Menu”, “Music” and “Logo” to further customize the output DVD for Panasonic TV. For example, you can either choose a preset menu theme or create your own. Video can be used as the menu background too.

PowerPoint to Panasonic TV: Menu


After all the settings are ready, click the “Start” button to start burning PowerPoint for Panasonic TV. Just wait for a few minutes and then you could watch the HD PowerPoint on your Panasonic TV using a DVD player.


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