How to Play PowerPoint on Flat Screen TV

Convert PowerPoint Files to DVD for Watching on Flat Screen TV

A flat screen TV provides sharp images and stunning colors. It is a high definition alternative to the standard cathode ray televisions. If you are planning to purchase one, you should first know something about it. Now, in the market there are two types of flat screen TV from which you can choose. They are Plasma and LCD. Of course, because the two types of flat screen TV function in the different way, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. So before making a final decision, you should be familiar with the operation principles of both types of flat screen TV.

Besides, you should know some benefits that you can enjoy by having a flat screen TV so as to confirm that if you really need a flat screen TV. At present, a large number of flat screen televisions come with a variety of inputs that allows them to be connected to a majority of equipments, such as VCRs, TV tuners, computers, DVD players, etc. Therefore, these flat screen televisions can help you to create a home theatre experience while watching TV. In this case the screen is connected to a high quality sound system that can provide better sound and vision.

So it seems that compared with watching PowerPoint on computer, viewing PowerPoint on flat screen TV which can offer you better sound and vision is more enjoyable. But any one knows that PowerPoint file is actually not supported by flat screen TV. For this reason, this post will focus on how to convert PowerPoint to DVD with a PPT to flat screen TV converter so as to achieve the goal of playing PowerPoint on flat screen TV.

The following is the detailed guide about how to burn PPT to flat screen TV, wish it helpful to you!

Step 1: Download the PPT to Flat Screen TV Converter.

Before converting PowerPoint to flat screen TV file, you should first download and install Moyea PPT to DVD Burner on your computer. Only with its help can you watching PowerPoint on flat screen TV with a DVD player by burning PowerPoint to DVD.

Step 2: Import PPT File.

Click the “Import” button to import the PowerPoint you want to burn, certainly, you have the choice to import one or more PowerPoint files. If you want to remove the PowerPoint you do not need, you just press on the “Del” button.

Import PowerPoint Files to Moyea PPT to DVD Burner

Step 3: Set Output Options.

In this step, you are free to choose the format of the output file. For example, you can create “Standard DVD” or “Blu-ray Disc” or even convert the PowerPoint file to “Video File”. It is up to you. Here you are also allowed to set Aspect Ratio and output path.

Set Output Options

Step 4: Burn PPT to Flat Screen TV.
Click “Burn” and then click “Start” to start burning. All it takes are several seconds. And after that you can enjoy the converted PowerPoint files on your pretty flat screen TV freely. I believe you will feel extremely haapy.

Burn PPT to DVD with Moyea PPT to DVD Burner

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