How to Play PowerPoint on Xperia T

Convert PowerPoint presentation to MP4 video for viewing on Sony Xperia T

As the best smartphone ever produced by Sony, Xperia T is viewed as one of the biggest market hits of the year.  Ever since its release, Xperia T bears lofty expectations to revitalize Sony in mobile market. Designed as a monster Android mobile, Xperia T sports 4.6-inch HD BRAVIA display running at "1280x720", dual-core S4 processor, 13-megapxiel rear camera and Android 4.0 system. Besides that, Sony Xperia T can simplify data transference process with built-in NFC and prolong duration time with 1850mAh battery. Therefore, with excellent display and speedy processor, Sony Xperia T is of high competitiveness in the mobile market. In fact, Xperia T even wins over favored mobiles like iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 in terms of pixel density.

"How can I play PowerPoint on Xperia T?" As one of the most successful products of Microsoft, PowerPoint plays a crucial role in people's entertaining and working lives. Therefore, the idea of viewing PowerPoint on Xperia T is of great benefits to users. For one thing, enjoying funny PPT files on Xperia T will enrich users' methods of entertainment; for another, playing PowerPoint on Xperia T can improve users' working efficiency. As a consequence, users need to figure out ways to watch PowerPoint on Xperia T.

Sony Xperia T

How to View PowerPoint on Xperia T?

Since Sony Xperia T is an Android mobile that have Document Viewer preinstalled, users can play PowerPoint on Xperia T directly with this app. As a built-in app of Xperia T, Document Viewer can support PowerPoint files ranging from PowerPoint 2003 to PowerPoint 2013 and PDF files. Therefore, an easy way to view PPT on Sony Xperia T is to open PowerPoint presentation with Document Viewer or convert PowerPoint to PDF for Document Viewer. However, Document Viewer not only makes the original PowerPoint less attractive but also fails to retain the animated effects of the PowerPoint presentation.  

How to play PowerPoint on Xperia T with transitions, animations, music and video clips?

In order to view PPT on Sony Xperia T with original effects retained, users need to convert PowerPoint to Xperia T video. To manage the conversion process, users are required to find a powerful PowerPoint to Xperia T converter. To this extent, they can refer to Moyea PPT to Video Converter to convert PPT to Xperia T video.

Step 1: Import the PowerPoint Presentation
Download and launch Moyea PPT to Video Converter, a tool designed to convert PowerPoint to Sony Xperia T video. Then open the converter and click "Add" button to import the PowerPoint file for further conversion.

PowerPoint to Xperia T: Import PowerPoint Files

Step 2: Set the output file
Since MP4 video is supported by Sony Xperia T, users can convert the PowerPoint presentation to MP4 video. Therefore, set the output file as MP4 video in the drop-down menu of "Profile" to make sure users can play converted PowerPoint on Sony Xperia T.

PowerPoint to Xperia T: Output video format

Step 3: Specify the Xperia T video

After that, click "Settings" button to enter into "Profile" panel where various video parameters are provided. Then users can convert the PPT to a decent Xperia T video with those parameters. For example, set video size as "1280x720", audio codec as "AAC" and video codec as "H.264".

PowerPoint to Xperia T: Specify MP4 video

Step 4: Start the conversion
After all those steps, click "Start" button to begin the process of converting PPT to Xperia T video. As the conversion ends, users can view PPT on Sony Xperia T with animated effects retained freely.

PowerPoint to Xperia T: Start the conversion

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