How to Play PowerPoint on Colors TV

Burn PowerPoint Files to DVD for viewing on Colors TV

The Application of PowerPoint

In the past, PowerPoint was just used by people as one of shortcuts to efficient presentation. So it was of great significant only in the condition that people need to make a speech. However, now PowerPoint is widely applied in many fields, especially in the advertisement industry. At present, various kinds of propaganda posters like film posters and public posters can be seen everywhere. It is no exaggeration to say that these posters have increasing influence on people’s thoughts and behaviors.

The Benefit to Play PowerPoint on Colors TV

Maybe for many people, there is no point playing PowerPoint on colors TV. However, for those who love to developing new things and ideas, it does make sense. For example, the vast majority restaurants usually offer the customers paper menu, actually which is without any controversy. However, someone may put forward a more creative idea - making an electronic menu with PowerPoint and play it on Colors TV. It is really funny and beneficial. By showing what the dishes look or what the dishes made from, an electronic menu does actually help the customers make better choices. At the same time, the restaurant will definitely leave their customers deep impression. Of course, PowerPoint can also be used in other fields, if you are willing to use your brains, you will surely enjoy the benefits that PowerPoint brings.

How to Play PowerPoint on Colors TV

Since playing PowerPoint on colors TV makes sense, we should countenance such a move. As we already know, at present we usually view PowerPoint on computer because PowerPoint is not supported by other devices including mobile phones, E-readers and Colors TVs. In this case, we should think of a way out. Fortunately, a great invention of PPT to colors TV converter just helps us to solve this problem. PPT to colors TV converter is a professional app designed to convert PPT to DVD so as to achieve the goal of viewing PPT on Colors TV.

Detailed Operations of Converting PowerPoint to DVD

Step 1: Download the PowerPoint to Colors TV Converter.

Before your converting PowerPoint to colors TV file, you should first download and install Moyea PPT to DVD Burner on your computer. Only with its help can you watch PowerPoint on colors TV with a DVD player by burning PowerPoint to DVD.

Step 2: Import PPT File.

Click the “Import” button to import the PowerPoint you want to burn, certainly, you have the choice to import one or more PowerPoint files.

Import PowerPoint Files to Moyea PPT to DVD Burner

Step 3: Set Output Options.

In this step, you can choose the format of the output file. There are 3 choices: "Create Standard DVD", "Create Blu-ray Disc" and "Video File". If your TV supports video files, you can choose any of them, otherwise, choose either of the former two. Here you are also allowed to set Aspect Ratio and output path.

Set Output Options

Step 4: Add Background Music.

Click "Music" and select a Playback No. and click the add icon to add background music to DVD/Blu-ray. You can choose whatever music you love. For example, if you are creating an electronic restaurant menu, you can choose the music which can stimulate the appetite of the customers.

Add Background Music to DVD

Step 5: Burn PowerPoint to Colors TV.
Click "Burn" and then "Start" to start burning. All it takes are several seconds. And after that, you can play the DVD/Blu-ray Disc on a Blu-ray Disc Player and show on your colors TV freely. I believe you will feel extremely happy.

Burn PPT to DVD with Moyea PPT to DVD Burner

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