How to Create DVD Photo Slideshow on Windows

Create amazing DVD slideshow out of still photos

Do you know that you can create a DVD photo slideshow on Windows with just a single program? Using the software, you can create professional looking DVDs in a very short amount of time.


DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe is a feature-rich and simple-to-use photo & video to DVD slideshow maker. With it, you can create lively DVD slideshow out of your still photo collections, thanks to its abundant Hollywood-like movie styles, animations and 2D/3D transition effects, etc.


Using DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe, you can customize your DVD menu using their built-in and very professional looking styles. So if you have a bunch of photos and digital videos, then let’s create some really cool-looking DVD slideshows that you can then share and watch on your TV.

How to create photo DVD slideshow with wonderful movie styles

Step 1: Select a DVD photo slideshow making mode.

Two modes are provides for different end users. Advanced Mode provides more customization features to make a personalized photo slideshow, while Standard Mode enables you to instantly make a photo movie with ready-to-use movie styles.

photo to DVD slideshow: choose modes

Step 2: Add the source files.

Let’s choose Standard Mode because this mode will be easier for beginners to crate DVD slideshow out of photos. Click Add Files to import the source files you prepared to create the photo DVD slideshow.

photo to DVD slideshow: add photos

Step 3: Edit the photos.

If you are not quite satisfied with the picture of the photos, such as inappropriate color, contrast or the annoying red-eye, you can simply click Edit to fix it. Besides, you can crop the photo to delete the unwanted parts, add special effects to the photo with filter, and add caption to illustrate the photo.

photo to DVD slideshow: edit photos

Step 4: Personalize your DVD slideshow

Click Personalize tab to add movie styles to your still photos. Just select one movie style and click Apply to use it in the upper-left section. Then you can preview the photo effects on the right side. The bottom section is the editing area, where all the photos, videos, music and effects are listed, either in Storyboard or Timeline view.

photo to DVD slideshow: edit photos

Step 5: Create DVD slideshow.

Click Create tab on the top and finally burn the dynamic photo slideshow to DVD disc. You can add a good-looking DVD menu for easy navigation with remote when playback on TV. On the right side of the screen, you will see all kinds of DVD menu templates are free for you, just double click on desired menu template to download and apply. At last, click Burn to finalize the photo DVD slideshow creating process.

photo to DVD slideshow: edit photos

The burning will take some time so you will have to wait a while depending on the speed of your computer. Enjoy!

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