How to Convert PowerPoint to HTML5 Video

Convert PowerPoint presentation to HTML5 Video format

You know PowerPoint to video converter is essential if you want to share your PowerPoint presentations on the web. Because PowerPoint formats are not primarily supported and even if you upload PowerPoint to those “PPT sharing” websites, like, the PowerPoint animations and transitions will be removed. That’s why we convert PowerPoint to video to keep all the original PowerPoint elements and effects.

Your browser should have Adobe Flash Player plugin installed in order to play your PowerPoint video online, which could cause your computer to be slow and crash randomly. Besides, it is not easy to share the video to another website if you don’t use the “Embed code” from YouTube. However, the new HTML5 video standard makes things much easier for you, which intends to play vides or movies on the web without plugins.

PowerPoint to HTML5 video

Opera Software proposed <video> element in February 2007 and called for video to become a first-class citizen of the web. The HTML5 video tag enables people to easily embed a video into a webpage in the simple way like:

<video src="movie.webm" poster="movie.jpg" controls>
This is fallback content.

Due to patent consideration, there are 3 video formats suggested for HTML5 video, but no existing format was suitable as a specified requirement:

MP4 – MPEG 4 files with H264 video codec and AAC audio codec
WebM – WebM files with VP8 video codec and Vorbis audio codec
Ogg Theora – Ogg files with Theora video codec and Vorbis audio codec

Are you interested in the HTML5 video? Now let’s take a look at how to enjoy your PowerPoint on web page without plugins by converting PowerPoint to HTML5 video.

How to convert PowerPoint to HTML5 video with transitions, animations, music and video clips

Step 1: Load PowerPoint files.

Free download and install PowerPoint to HTML5 video converter on your computer. Run the program and click “Add” button to import PowerPoint files you want to convert to HTML5 video.

Step 2: Select output video profile.

Among the 3 video formats that HTML5 supported, the PowerPoint to HTML5 video converter support MP4 and WebM. So click “Profile” and chose “MP4” or “WebM” from the drop-down list.

PowerPoint to HTML5 video: video format

Step 3: Video profile settings.
For advanced users, you can also modify the video profile settings if you want. Click “Settings” and you will be able to change the video/audio codec, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, sample rate, etc. to get the best output HTML5 video quality for you.

PowerPoint to HTML5 video: Video parameters

Step 4: Add you own watermark. (Optional)

Click “Customize” and in the pop up window, click “Watermark” so you can add an image as your watermark/logo to credit your PowerPoint video when publishing on web page.

PowerPoint to HTML5 video: watermark

Step 5: Convert.

When all the settings are ready, click “Start” button to convert the PowerPoint to HTML5 video automatically. During the conversion process, you may preview the output HTML5 video in real time.

PowerPoint to HTML5 video: converter & preview

Lastly, upload the output video to your web page and add the HTML 5 video tag - <video> - to it so that people can view it directly in the browser.

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