Moyea PPT to PDF Converter Tutorial

step by step guide: how to convert PowerPoint files to PDF for free

Moyea PPT to PDF Converter is a professional program that enables you to quickly create a PDF file out of three popular MS Office applications – Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This tutorial describes how to convert to PDF from these printable Windows applications using the PowerPoint to PDF converter.

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Moyea PPT to PDF Converter offers a quick access to your PowerPoint presentations locked in PDF with Moyea PPT to PDF Converter. By converting PowerPoint presentations to PPT files, it enables you to reuse your PPT content on different platforms.

The PPT to PDF converter is installed as a printer drive on your computer. To export PowerPoint to PDF, 3 steps are enough:

Step 1 Import a PPT file that you want to convert to PDF.

Click the Add button or press the shortcut key 'A' to input a PowerPoint presentation for conversion. A file list is displayed with the serial number, name, size and destination of the selected file(s).

convert PPT to PDF guide

Rename the selected file by clicking the corresponding row under the Destination File column if necessary.
To specify an output directory for the PDF file(s), click the Open button on the right of the Output field.

Note: a Shortcut Menu is displayed on the right top of the main interface for your convenience.

Step 2 Make custom settings to the selected PowerPoint files.
Click the Settings button or press the shortcut key 'S' if you want to customize the conversion parameters. A Customize Settings interface pops up immediately. It is consisted of five tabs: General, Compress, Colors, Fonts, and Misc.

convert PPT to PDF guide

In the Compatibility field, choose the right version of Adobe Acrobat that you are using.
In the Auto-Rotate field, select how you want the output page(s) to be orientated.
In the Resolution dropdown, select a proper resolution for the output PDF file.
Compress: It is checked by default to make a smaller size for the converted PDF document. Uncheck this option if not necessary.
Colors: Select from the dropdown list which color model device you want to use for the output PDF file.
Fonts: The Embed all Fonts checkbox is ticked by default to display all the text of the converted PDF document(s).
Misc: Select whether you want to rename or override the converted PDF file if it has already existed, whether to show Repair dialogue while failed to invoke MS Office, and whether to open the PDF file(s) after conversion automatically.

Step 3 Start converting PowerPoint to PDF.
OK, everything is ready; now click on the Convert button to start the conversion of PowerPoint to PDF. The whole process of the conversion is displayed as a task list. When all the PowerPoint files are processed, you can see the Finish interface as below:

convert PPT to PDF guide

Click each link above to view your PowerPoint stuff in PDF.

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