Unique DVD Movie in Memory of Michael Jackson

Summary: How to make unique DVD Movie in memory of the super star Michael Jackson.
in Memory of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop", one of the most talented musicians in the 20th century, died on Thursday, June 25, 2009 at his 50 when preparing for a 50-show comeback bid to shoot down nightmare years of sexual scandal and financial woe.

No matter for his family and friends, or for his crazy fans, the sudden passing of Michael Jackson is a grey shock in this sunny summer. As the tragic word spreads, a multitude of millions from every corner of the world cannot help mourning over the death of Jackson, the music genius, best of his generation, famous for his unparalleled moonwalk, his feverish dance moves and his high-pitched singing, punctuated with squeals and titters.

Michael has gone forever with his living music. Yet never does our deep memories on the great entertainer. Newspapers give their eventual fair words on the pop talent; TVs arrange golden shows in his career history; Internet twitters billions of mourning messages on the bygone legendary figure. Nevertheless, for individual fans, there is another way that is special to memorialize Michael – Make a unique DVD movie for him.

Everyone has his own memory of Michael Jackson. Express it, and keep it. That is what we can do in memory of great Jackson, and that is easy with two software items – MS PowerPoint & Moyea PPT to DVD Burner, where two steps are enough to make a distinctive DVD movie for Michael Jackson.

*Sample Slideshow on Michael Jackson Click to view >>

Step 1 Create a PowerPoint presentation on Michael Jackson
Before composing your story of Michael Jackson, you'd better make a careful collection of him. Be well aware of your topic: what you want to show in this Jackson movie, for example, "A history of Michael Jackson", "Brief Introduction on Best Albums of Michael Jackson", what PowerPoint template to use, and how to organize all Jackson elements in a nice manner. After everything necessary is ready, start your composition of the Jackson movie.
Spices that you can feed for the Jackson PowerPoint movie:
Best songs of Michael Jackson - Take a proper piece as background music
Typical photos/pictures of Michael Jackson - A picture is worth a thousand of words
Video clips on Michael Jackson - Insert a clip of top Jackson music video to spark the movie
Personal voice narration – Record your very voice as narrator of the Jackson movie
Animations in PowerPoint – Animate the Jackson movie slides with rich effects
In addition, measure the Jackson presentation a couple of times and adjust it to an appropriate level.

make PowerPoint presenation for Micheael Jackson

Step 2 Burn the presentation to DVD with Moyea PPT to DVD Burner
Now it's time to burn the Jackson presentation onto a DVD. Do the following:
Insert a blank DVD into your PC.
Download and install Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. Click Add to input the Jackson presentation.
Select the output to Standard or High Definition DVD as you like. In the "Menu" tab, pick a matching DVD menu for remote control of your Jackson movie. In the "Logo" section, import your favorite image file to brand and protect the DVD movie.
Once all are set OK, click Start to burn the Jackson presentation to DVD.
make DVD movie of Michael Jackson
Voila. You can enjoy this unique memory of Michael Jackson on a DVD player with a home TV. His "Thriller" may be gone, but his thrill lives still.

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